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  reveal <object>
  reveal <character>
  reveal all
  reveal <effort>

Revealing known hidden objects

reveal <object> allows you to find an object hidden in a room. You must know what to look for in order to get it back, but you do not need to have seen the object before. If you do not know what to look for, use search.

Unlike search, reveal <object> succeeds without any skill check.


  > reveal sword

Revealing known hidden characters

reveal <character> shows to your group members the location of a hidden character you discovered (with search or because the hidden character spoke when you could hear him). Characters not in your group might realize the presence of the hidden character as well.

Revealing a hostile character allows your group members to attack him; on the other hand, if you attack without revealing, you have a higher chance of taking your enemy by surprise when he is not ready to defend himself.

reveal all works as reveal <character>, but it affects any and all hidden characters that you have discovered.


  > reveal scout
  > reveal all

Searching for and revealing unknown hidden characters

reveal <effort> (quickly, fast, normally, carefully or thoroughly) is similar to search <effort>, but it will reveal any hidden character you might find to you and your group. If more than one character is searching at the same time, reveal is faster than search, but it decreases the chances of a surprise attack.


  > reveal quickly

See also: HIDE, SEARCH

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