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(Thief Skill) [Delayed Command]

  hide <effort>
where <effort> is one of quickly, fast, normally, carefully, and thoroughly.

When you type hide there is a chance that you hide in the room. If hidden, nothing can be done to you until you are found, or you stop hiding. You stop hiding if you move; you can be found if someone searches for you, or if you perform most actions (for example if you speak). Other people may or may not notice that someone is hidden, depending on a number of different factors (skills, spells and attributes), but won't be able to do anything to you until you are found (area-wide attacks, like earthquake, are an exception).

To be good at hiding you need to know a lot of tricks, and how to apply those tricks when being in different environments. But if you do learn this lore, you can sit right next to a group of enemies, listening in on their conversation or perhaps just hiding to save your skin. To combine the art of hiding with the knowledge of how to sneak up on an opponent and ambush him is known to be a very deadly combination indeed.

To master this skill, great agility and good eyesight are required.

It is easier to hide in some places; e.g., forests. The more carefully you hide, the better your chances of success and the better you will be hidden.

If someone or something is looking at you while you hide, they will know where you are hidden; however, characters who are not in the same place will not be able to see you. The same happens if you speak aloud while hidden: any bystanders will learn of your hiding place, but you will remain hidden to everyone else.

Attacks from hiding have the benefit of surprise. On the other hand, if you are discovered without realizing it, you become vulnerable to a surprise counterattack yourself.


> hide carefully
(wait a bit)
(you wait for 2 mins and remain hidden for 2 mins)
> say hello
(everyone in the room now knows where you are hidden)

Hide <object>

You can try to hide an object in a room. This object will stay there unless discovered by another player. Hidden objects won't survive crashes and reboots. It is said that they can be stolen from time to time by evil spirits, but nobody knows for sure.


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