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A feature unique to MUME, all players need to gain travel points (TPs) in addition to experience points to gain a level. TPs measure a character's knowledge of Arda.

The most common way to gain travel points is to visit a place that you haven't been to in the recent past (a few MUME-weeks of playing time). When this happens, there is a chance that you will gain some TPs; the exact amount depends on the overall frequentation of the place. For instance, you might gain one point by entering the West Gate of Bree, and a hundred points for a hard-to-find secret passage.

If a lone player gets N travel points when entering a specific room, travel points will be distributed to a group like this:

 Leader   : N + (N * 0.20 * number_of_followers_in_room) [mobs not counted]
 followers: N * 0.80
This way, the group leader will always get more TPs than if he were travelling alone. Also, he gets more the bigger the group is. The other members of the group each receive only slightly fewer TPs than they would have gained had they been alone.

There is also another way to gain TPs: MUME grants a consistent TP bonus for the first few times you ever visit a new zone. For example, a new character starting in Fornost should gain about 1500 travel points for her first trip to the Grey Havens - even if she remains on the main road. This bonus is unaffected by being a leader or a follower, or by any other issues.

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