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If you want a map of a portion of MUME, you have to draw it yourself. We want to encourage people to explore the game. A few pre-drawn maps of trivial areas (such as Bree, the Shire) exist in ASCII and can be bought at a local grocery or travellers shop.

The map command is used to view your nearby surrounding areas. Several options exist in order to view specific things:

map rooms Displays your surroundings, only works with good visibility.
map weather Displays the nearby weather; see help weather for details.
map fog Shows fog in the nearby zones.

These maps have the following key:

A Ingrove T Tharbad
B Bree W Troll Warrens
C Caras Galadhon X your current location
D Dwarven Homes Z the Zaugurz Outpost
E Edoras
F Fornost % swamps
G the Grey Havens * forest
H Helm's Deep : plains, fields
I Isengard = bridge
M Moria ? zone under construction
N Dol Guldur ^ mountains
O Goblin Town ~ hills
R Rivendell a the Anduin

map darkness shows the influence of Sauron in nearby zones. This map has the following key:

+ Good zone. Sauron's influence is actively repelled
. Neutral zone
- Evil zone. Sauron's minions are most often encountered here
= Zone under the influence of Sauron's Darkness (treated as an evil zone, until the darkness dissolves)


  • All map commands may be abbreviated.
  • The global option can be used in all commands except map rooms to view the entire map of Arda for the specified command.
  > map r       Map rooms.
  > map g d     Shows a global map of Sauron's influence.
  > map g w     Shows a global map of the weather on Arda.
There are also external client applications (called "mappers" that can help you in creating maps. help mappers and rules mappers for further details.


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