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Syntax      : cast 'watch room' <location> [name]
Type        : Long range
Accumulative: Special
Duration    : Yes
Casting     : Long
Position    : Standing
Level       : Level 16
Class       : Magic User
Min. Mana   : 30
With this spell a powerful mage can see what is happening in a room far away for which he has a magical key, without the persons inside being aware it. The effects will last for several hours and the magician will be able to observe the room of his choice only if he rests in meditation.

It takes a brilliant mind to master this skill; deep insight and an iron will are important too.


  > cast 'watch room' borqueya hilltop

The optional [name] parameter will be shown before each line of output from that particular room. If no name is given, the key you used when casting the spell will be used instead.

See also: SCRY, LOCATE

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