Back in the First Age of the Sun, Lúthien Tinúviel, the daughter of the Elven King Thingol, fell in love with the Man Beren. Lúthien's father disapproved of this and set Beren a seemingly impossible task of reclaiming one of the stolen Silmarils. Despite many perils, Lúthien joined Beren in this quest. With the help of Huan the Hound of Valinor, they cut a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth. Of them was born one child, the Half-elf Dior. The line would continue, and of it was born Elwing who married Eärendil the Mariner, also a Half-elf, the son of Idril and Tuor. It was Eärendil who returned the Silmaril to the Valar and in return was granted to sail his ship through the firmament, carrying the Silmaril to shine over Arda like a star. His two sons, Elros and Elrond, were given the choice between mortality and immortality. Elros the Half-elven chose to be a mortal Man and became the first king of Númenor. Elrond the Half-elven chose to become an immortal Elf; he founded Rivendell.

Half-elves in Mume

Half-elves are more common in MUME. They resemble Humans more so than Elves, and like their mortal parentage are quite competent in most classes. They are not immune to disease.

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