Zaugurz Orc


The Uruk-Zaugurz is a tribe on the rise from far north in the Misty Mountains. Hardened by cold from their home in the freezing caves of northern Misty's, the Zaugurz have come to wage war and claim loot for the tribes expanding territory. The Zaugurz hoards stops for nothing and wages war upon every living creature. Not long ago the Uruk-Zaugurz and the Uruk-Tarkhnarb tribes were allies, but after a sneak attack on Goblin Gate one night, resulting in chaos, mayhem and rivers and blood, the alliance crumbled, most likely forever. When the Tarkhnarbs finally regained control over their caves, the Great Goblins ten best breeding females had all been captured, not to mention the hoards of treasures now collecting dust up north instead. After this incident the Tarkhnarb and all their allies are sworn enemies of the Uruk-Zaugurz and vice versa. Since the Zaugurz have rejected all allies no wargs can be used as mounts, a treat other Orcs can enjoy, whilst the Zaugurz soldier is forced to run on his feet.

After the treacherous ambush on Goblin Gate the Zaugurz built a small outpost northwest of the Tarkhnarbs' home cave. The Outpost has no real defence worth mentioning, yet the hostile climate surrounding it and the iron will of the Zaugurz forces have kept it well protected from enemies.

Zaugurz in MUME

The Zaugurz Outpost does not only offer poor protection, there are also no stores, only a blacksmith sent from up north to mend basic kind of weapons and armour for the cause. On the positive side the rent cost for the Zaugurz is close to free. Furthermore there are only two paths of profession available for the Zaugurz orc, the insidious and agile way of the scout and the pure brute force of the Warrior. There is also a possibility to train ranger skills in the Zaugurz caves, but there is no possibility to master magic as Zaugurz. No Master of Black Magic seems willing to teach the Zaugurz tribe magic, rendering the usage of Mana obsolete, thus Zaugurz have no Mana points.

Eventhough the life of the Zaugurz hero is hard, considering the various maluses mentioned above, they still stand strong and bloodthirsty, never turning down a chance to prove their worth in battle, or to just overwhelm the enemy by numbers or by cunning plans. A well spread tendency among the Zaugurz tribe is their predilection for lurking in the shadows, sneaking and hiding, which partly can be explained by their poor possibility to lick their wounds in the safety of towns or caves, making them independent renegades who can't rely for their tribe far north to offer them a safe haven for healing or recreation.

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