Several mobiles on MUME offer quests of varying levels to be solved. This can range from killing a certain monster, delivering a rare item to repairing something. As a reward, sometimes a herblore will be offered, a rare item or a (temporary) skill boost.

These quests are usually offered, although in some cases you will need to ask them about something specific.


The Hunt

A trapper northwest of Forlond mentioned an old tale of a legendary stag. Perhaps you could hear out his story before attempting to find it yourself?

  • Quest: Prove to the elven trapper you are a worthy hunter by selling furs and pelts from animals you've killed and butchered. Listen to him talk about old times, and about a noble stag he recently sighted to the northwest, then nod in agreement when he asks you to kill the noble stag and give him its antlers. If the trapper does not start talking after you've sold the furs and pelts, then either you have not sold him enough, or the noble stag is not loading at the moment, in which case, wait a while before trying again. Once you find the noble stag get it killed and butcher it to produce the antlers. This quest can be done twice by the same character, but the second time requires more furs/pelts, and they must be given to the trapper, not sold for money.
  • Reward: Yew longbow, and quiver with 12 ash arrows.

The Lonely Giant

It's nice to know how to cook delicious bannocks. They are one of the most nutritious foods in arda, but unlike the legendary elven lembas wafers, you can make bannocks yourself... that is, if you complete this quest.

  • Location: Various locations in the Shire.
  • Quest: Find the lonely giant and comfort the poor fellow. He'll then offer to teach you how to make bannocks of golden brown, but to do this, he needs you to bring him some herbs. You have about 1.5 MUME days to complete the quest (36 minutes), or else you must start over. Just like Nordri quest, if you forget which items you still need to bring, you can simply ask giant items.
  • Reward: Baker herblore, 1000 exp.

Aldereon the Wise

This old and wise Elf lives east of the Grey Havens. He has quite a wide correspondence network and is usually in need of aid for delivering letters.

  • Location: Elven village north of the Road to Grey Havens, just west of Greenholm junction.
  • Quest: Aldereon will ask you to deliver letters to his friends. The number of letters you will have to deliver varies by level - around 5 for level 1 to more than 15 for high legend. The higher your level is, the farther away you will have to travel to meet the mobs.
  • Reward: Walking herblore, 200 exp per your level for each mail.

Nordri the Shopkeeper

This Dwarf is located on the upper level of the Dwarven mines. As a shopkeeper, he usually has need of a few items. Of course, one hand washes the other, eh?

  • Location: Upper level of the Blue Mountains dwarven city.
  • Quest: This is a "Find and bring" quest. To start the quest, ask Nordri about herblore. He will then speak to you about the value of the dwarven lore, and how if you want him to help you, you must first help him. When he states there is a price to learn the herblore, you must then ask him price. Nordri will tell you what the price is, to which you nod to agree to the deal. Then find and deliver the items he requests. If you ever forget what items he wants, simply ask him 'items'.
  • Reward: soothing-draught herblore, 300 exp per your level for each item.

Vig the Smelter

Young Dwarves might stumble upon Vig when visiting the lower levels of the Dwarven mines. If you smelt, you usually need wood...

  • Location: Bottom-most level of dwarven city, all west from shops, but still east of guilds on middle level.
  • Quest: Vig the Smelter sometimes runs out of logs for his fire. When he does, he will ask people who come into his shop if they're willing to go out and get him some wood. If you agree to help him, get an axe, preferably a woodsman's axe, and go hunting for the majestic tree. Once you find it, wield your axe and either "chop tree" or "cut tree". Take the wood from the tree back to Vig, and collect your reward.
    • Just a small warning: there is a dense forest east of the city that is a maze, (if you go east then west, there's no guarantee that you'll return to from where you came). If you need to get out of it in a hurry, go north and west until you eventually find the room with the boat and shrub, then head east to to the trail.
  • Reward: 15 silver, ??? exp.

Shopkeeper's daughter

  • Quest: If you're below level 5, the hobbit shopkeeper of Hobbiton will ask you to find his lost daughter as soon as you enter his shop. Agree to the task, then search the Shire for her. She is unique from all the other hobbits in the Shire in that as soon as you enter her room, she'll exclaim for help, and start following you. Lead her to her father.
  • Reward: a forest green cloak, 1000 exp, and 1 gold.

Bree Weaponsmith

A delivery from the north to Bree seems to have gone awry. Perhaps you could help the smith out?

  • Quest: If you visit the Bree Weaponsmith while you are between levels 4-9, he will ask you to help him with a problem of his related to an antique dagger that was lost while being transported from Fornost. Search the forest northeast of Bree for the ruffian bandit who stole the dagger, kill him, and return the dagger to the weaponsmith.
  • Reward: Whetstone, 2 gold, and 2000 exp.

Harle and the Entwives

Elven Chief

The chief of an elven village near the Grey Havens has lost a barrel of exquisite wine.

  • Location: Elven village just east of the Tower Hills.
  • Quest: Visit the elven chief and ask him about wine. He will mention a barrel that has gone missing. Ask him about the barrel, and he will tell you that it was stolen. The thieves' secret lair is located east of the village. Retrieve the small oaken barrel and return it to the chief.
    • Note: The chief only speaks Sindarin, but can understand you if you talk to him in another language.
  • Reward: an exquisite wine glass

Bree Secretary

If you do not have enough gold for citizenship the secretary will give you a wrinkly map that leads to hidden treasure!

Elven Rope

In the forest of Lothlórien the Galadhrim hold many arts unknown to Men, among them is the use of fibers from certain plants to make the fabled elven ropes. While they will not teach their art to foreigners it is rumoured that, on ocassion, they might give these ropes as a reward to those that help them.

An Ent and an axe

  • Location: Fangorn
  • Quest: One of the imposing beech trees in Fangorn has an axe stuck in his back. He is located in the northwestern part of the forest, quite near Leaflock. Wait for him to turn around, then 'remove axe tree'.
  • Reward: 2000 exp


In the past Men and Elves that live in Arda shared their knowledge with the Shepherds of the Trees and thus knew many of the healing properties of the plants that grow in Middle-earth. As they grew estranged from the Ents this knowledge dwindled and became lost. Will you dare venture into the shade of Fangorn, where strangers are seldom welcome, to find some long-lost herblore?

  • Location: Fangorn
  • Quest: Get the traveller's diary from the corpse of an adventurer next to the ruined barn south of Fangorn. Find the strange, sad-looking tree in Fangorn. Talk about orcs until he wakes up, and give him the diary when he asks for it.
  • Reward: Leaf-cake herblore

Beechbone's bowl

Beechbone has been driven out of his home and lost a bowl that was dear to him. Perhaps you can help him out?

  • Location: Eastern Fangorn
  • Quest: Find Beechbone the Ent at the eastern edge of the Fangorn forest and ask him why he's sad. He'll tell you that birch trees drove him out of his home. He left behind a bowl, and asks your help in retrieving it. You will need to get a large tree branch, and head to the clearing southwest of where Beechbone is. Enter his ruined home and use the tree branch to lift up one of the large jars ('lever jar'). Go down, reveal the bowl, and return it to Beechbone.
  • Reward: a rough wooden horn

Berel and Jeraton

  • Location: Village southwest of Lorien.
  • Quest: When you enter one of the houses in the village, Berel will try (and fail) to steal from you. She will then apologize and tell you that she and her husband have fallen on hard times, and ask you to speak to Jeraton, who is located in a nearby room. Jeraton will tell you that he needs a new axe. Bring him a woodsman's axe.
  • Reward: a stout oaken stick


  • Location: Secret flet on the western edge of Lorien near the river.
  • Quest: When you enter, Tethel may ask you if you are headed West. If she does and you agree with her, then she will tell you of unfortunate elf who met a grisly end nearby. The dead elf was carrying a tome to Rivendell. You must seek it in the Redhorn Pass where it loads hidden. If you find the tome and take it to Quenaire in Rivendell, you will be rewarded.
  • Reward: Some lembas wafers, possibly some miruvor, and a letter of introduction to the elves of Lorien. If you take the letter back to Tethel, you will be granted limited access to Lorien.

The Elven Weaver

  • Location: South of Harlond.
  • Quest: The ancient weaver will mention that she is running out of dye. Agree to help her. The dwarven dye-maker she tells you about can be found in the dwarven mine in the foothills north of Harlond. Ask him about dye, and he will tell you he needs help retrieving a particular type of moss. Sturdy ropes can be found in the supply cabinet in the mines, north and east of the dye-makers room. To find the moss, go back to the worn trail, follow it west until the trail splits. Take the southern path and you should soon reach a room called Cliff's Edge. There, you can use the commands "tie rope tree" and "throw rope stump" to create a makeshift rope bridge (pay attention - the rope might not catch on the stump on the first try). Cross the bridge by going west, and you will find the moss to the northwest. Bring the moss to the dye-maker, wait for him to give you the dye, and then return to the weaver.
  • Rewards:
    • Bringing the moss to the dye-maker: 1 gold, 2000 exp
    • Bringing the dye to the weaver: 2 gold, shiny dagger, 1000 exp

BM Spiders

Harlond Herbalist

The herbalist in Harlond is looking for some valuable jewelry to impress a woman he loves.

  • Quest: When you enter the shop, the herbalist will mention something about a ring or a belt. Ask him about the item, and he will explain. He will only accept a magical ring or a gleaming belt.
  • Reward: upgraded herbal kit

Snake Hunt

The accomplished hunter in the Tower Hills needs help dealing with an overpopulation of slithering snakes.

  • Quest: Agree to help him, and bring him three slithering snake corpses. The corpses can be turned in one at a time.
  • Reward: 200xp per corpse, snakeskin belt

Three Flowers

The herbalist in Black Hill needs some rare medicinal herbs to create a cure for some villagers who have fallen ill.

Lost and Found

The crippled ranger in Black Hill needs someone to retrieve items that villagers have lost.

  • Required level: 3
  • Quest: Agree to retrieve a moneybag for Old Lum. Train some climbing skill if you don't have any. Follow the trail southwest from the village, until you can turn south into the Barren Hills. Head south until you find a climbable exit. Climb up (you will be notified you have reached the right room) and "reveal moneybag". Return the moneybag to the ranger.
    Next you will be asked to retrieve Clem's wedding ring. Having a few points in swimming might be useful here. Go three rooms west from where you turned off the road before, head north, and follow the valley into the cave. Enter the water in the southwestern part of the cave, go west into the room with the giant fungus, "reveal ring" and return to the ranger.
  • Reward: moneybag, plain scarf, 1 gold, 1000 xp

Rat Infestation

The accomplished hunter in the Tower Hills is looking for someone to exterminate giant rats.

  • Required level: 4
  • Quest: Agree when he the hunter asks you to kill some rats in a nearby farmhouse. The house is located in the northwestern corner of Black Hill village, past the ranger's house. Go into the basement and head east. You'll see a message about a rat scurrying behind a wall. Search north and south to discover hidden exits to where the rats are. Kill them, and bring their corpses back to the hunter. 3 corpses are needed to complete the quest, though they don't need to be turned in all at once.
  • Reward: fine soft leather boots, 500xp

Equipping Leonard

Leonard from Black Hill needs help procuring some equipment.

Bandit's Note

The accomplished hunter in the Tower Hills wants someone to retrieve a note from a bandit lookout.

  • Required level: 5
  • Quest: The plateau with the bandit lookouts is just north of the road to Grey Havens, on the eastern edge of the Tower Hills. It can be accessed from the northern side, along the path leading to the White Tower. The bandit carrying the note wanders around all the rooms on the plateau - watch out for the dreadful snake in the northeastern room if you're low level. Kill him and bring the note back to the hunter.
  • Reward: 1 gold, pot helm, longspear, 1000xp


Elven Bag

The treasure of some long dead elves are lost in the southern vale of Anduin. Seek for their remains and find the means to recover their treasure.

Poisoned Forest

Ragged Hobbit

Shire Citizenship

Dunadan Ranger (Travelling)

The Rangers among the Men of Westernesse are said to know many ways of using the herbs and plants that grow in the wilderness of Arda to aid travellers. They share this knowledge sparingly, lest it fall in hands of the Enemy. One of these Dúnedain lore masters is believed to live near the town of Bree. Can you prove yourself worthy of receiving this knowledge from him?

Level Travel Points
14 30,000
15 32,000
20 42,000
21 48,000
22 50,000
26 54,000
27 68,000

Dagnir's Ghost

Blackened Spear


An old yet valiant beorning lies in grief in the northern vale. A bloodthirsty assassin has taken all happiness from his life. At his age, he cannot seek revenge on his own, can you help him track down this foul murderer?

Hombur Mill

Hag's Quest

The old Hag that supplies various herbs at the town of Ingrove will occasionally require visitors to find some rare component for her potions. It is rumored that her reward for those who help her is not without a twisted sense of humour.

Elven Hideout

Kral the Zaugurz Scout

This quest is for Zorcs only. Great climb is a must when doing this quest.

  • Location

To start this quest find Kral the Zaugurz Scout in the Grey Spider cavern in the Mountains of Mirkwood. Sneak past, or kill, the spiders travelling eastwards and upwards. You will find a watery room with a very hard climb exit down. Climb down and go north to find Kral. Note: if you fail you will take a hefty amount of falling damage and fall through a one-way into the bottom of the spider cavern.

  • Quest

Kral will tell you to kill Vurgl, the Orkish Captain and bring back his head. Vurgl loads in an orkish cave north of the Old Forest Road in the western portion of Mirkwood. Kill him, butcher him, and bring his head back to Kral.

  • Loot

Kral will teach you Healing herblore.



Ent Wives

Saruman and Items of Power

Haldin the Marshal

Hrivesur's Key

You will need the unworked piece of mithral from Moria to complete this quest. You will also need a silver-leaf brooch. You may want to get them before you start this quest as there is a running clock. Also note that moonlight is required in order to open the dwarven tomb at the end of the quest. So you will want to wait to attempt this quest if there is no visible moon in the current time of year. You may also want a char with control weather since it is often stormy on the gulf of Lhun.

WARNING: The dwarven tomb is VERY hard. Multiple whole groups have gone in and mob-ripped without being able to recover their equipment. Proceed carefully and at your own risk.

  • Location:

To start this quest find Hrivesur the Sinda in the GH zones SW of Harlond. Hrivesur is in a room behind a locked exit up.

  • Quest:

Say hello to him. He will talk to you a bit and tell you to ask his brother about Doriath.

Go ask his brother. His brother is the chieftain of the village to the south east. His brother will talk to you a bit but tell you to bring you a silver-leaf brooch before he finishes his story. To get the brooch you need to retrieve the OIE book for Elrond without reading it.

The chieftain will then send you back to Hrivesur. Ask Hrivesur "dwarves". Hrivesur will tell you a long story about dwarven refugees and a key he is keeping for their heirs. He will ask if you want it. If you say yes, he will ask you for a piece of mithral for Moria. Once you give it to him, he will give you the dark, silvery stone.

  • Loot

A dark, silvery stone. It is a key to the dwarven tombs at the eroded peak along the eastern edge of this zone. I don't know exactly what you may find if you survive the perils of the tomb. But I've heard talk of a mysterious and powerful relic of Beleriand, Nimphelos.