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This is one of the 5 partial listings of the most commonly used abbreviations in MUME. See help abbreviation for the rest of the partial lists.

fang a nasty, orkish fang an item
fb fireball a spell
fgc forest green cloak an item
filthy Filthy Cave a place
Fnost Fornost a place
Ford Ford in the River Bruinen a place
FoY Fountain of Youth a place
FR The Fellowship of the Ring one book of the LoTR
ftw for the win an expression
fubar f***ed up beyond all recognition an expression
fyi For Your Information an expression
gbs a great black scimitar an item
gc The ghostly captain a mob
gcm grey cloaked man a mob
GER Great East Road a place
GG Great Goblin a mob
ggp gotta go piss an expression
GH Grey Havens a city
gilded a gilded rounded shield an item
gleaming a gleaming belt/gleaming bs items
glowsword artifact glowing sword (Sting or similar) items
gm, gms guild master a mob
grey a fine grey cloak an item
GW Greenway a place
Gway Greenway a place
hardon(s) hardened ranger(s) a mob [or mobs]
hbm a huge, black mace a weapon
hc Hidden Camp a place
heavy thick/heavy armour (usually) items
hide a smelly piece of worm hide an item
HoB Hammer of Belegost an item
HoME The History of Middle-earth Nine books by C. Tolkien
horn Elven call to arms in Rdell an occurrence
hp, hps hit point(s) a stat
hsb huge silvery bracer an item
IC in character an expression
IMHO in my humble/honest opinion an expression
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion an expression
IMO in my opinion an expression
Imp an Implementer the highest gods
int intelligence a stat
iron an iron ring an item
JRRT J.R.R. Tolkien the creator of Middle-earth

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