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The Shire is a civilized place located in the old Kingdom of Arthedain. It is far from the great nations of the South, the nearest other place being Bree a few miles East. The Shire is divided into four main parts: the North, South, East and West Farthings. Located east of the Baranduin (Brandywine) is Buckland. Most Hobbits from the Farthings consider Bucklanders very queer, while Bucklanders think much the same of the others. Lying on the Eastern border of Buckland stretches the Old Forest; a place very few dare to enter.

The Shire was first inhabited in 1601 by a few adventurous Hobbits from Bree, and since then has become the main home of Hobbits. There are no other races living in the Shire, but occasionally one might see a Dwarf, or two, and sadly many Elves passing through the South Farthing on their way West, never to return.

MUME's Shire

This is the racial home for hobbits. It is a very peaceful land; sturdy Bounders keep evil orcs away except under unusual circumstances. The Shire is a collection of several hobbit villages. To find the shop or the guild master you are looking for may take a little walking, but there are very few dangerous beasts to be found in the Shire (only at the southern and western edges).

If you type map global, the Shire is to be found westward of the letter B (Bree) at the center of the map. It extends for about 120 miles, from the east bank of the Brandywine westward to the village of Michel Delving.


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