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Q: "I have to go. How do I keep my stuff?"

A: You have to find an Inn, go to the innkeeper, and type rent. This will allow you to keep your equipment, food, weapon, etc. - assuming you have enough rent money!

Q: "Suppose I just type 'quit' instead?"

A: If you type quit, all your stuff falls on the ground in a big pile! You keep your money but are otherwise naked. You probably want to avoid this.

Q: "Okay, suppose I just turn off my computer or disconnect?"

A: Usually this is even worse than typing quit! Doing this causes you to be charged rent at a VERY HIGH rate! You will probably run out of money and lose ALL your possessions.

Q: "How do I find out if I have enough money to rent?"

A: When you are at the innkeeper, type offer. He will tell you how long you can stay, in Real-Life time. If he says 'six days', that is six real days, not six MUME days.

Q: "Can't the innkeeper multiply? The rate per day and the length of time I can stay don't match."

A: Rent is non-linear. If your base rent is 1 silver a day, and you have five silver, that might be enough for 15 days. If you have ten silver, that might me enough for two months. The longer you stay, the lower your -average- rent per day (for the stay) will be.

Q: "But what happens if I run out of money?"

A: Unfortunately, if you run out of money, the innkeeper will take ALL your possessions. That's why it's good to use the offer command.

Q: "The innkeeper says, 'I refuse to store a key, small plant, boat, or some other thing.' How can I keep then?"

A: You can't. You might as well just drop them, because you can't store them.

Q: "If I have enough money, does it prevent my character from being deleted?"

A: NO. Characters are automatically deleted when they haven't been played for a length of time which depends on your Level. A level 1 character will be deleted after a couple days. A level 2 character will last for five days; a level 3 for 10, and so on. The amount of rent money you have does not affect this.

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