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Q: "How do I hold my weapon?"

A: Type wield sword (for example).

Q: "How do I put on my clothes?"

A: Type wear cloak (for example), or wear all after you have gotten your newbie kit.

Q: "It says my hands are full!"

A: You've only got two hands. Commonly, you will wield your weapon in one, and wear a shield on the other arm, unless you are using a two-handed sword. If you need to hold a pan, for example, you have to remove the sword or shield first (or sheathe it). If you just received a newbie kit you generally want to wear all.

Q: "How do I use a lantern or torch?"

Hold torch or hold lantern will work, but then you can't use that hand for your weapon or shield. A lantern can be worn on your belt, if you have one, with wear lantern belt. This will automatically light it. Remove lantern when it's day to save fuel. If you have a flask of oil, you can refill your lantern (while wearing it) by typing fill lantern.

Q: "How do I pour water in my water skin?"

A: Type pour water skin, pour well skin, pour fountain skin, etc. In MUME command structure, words like 'in', 'from', etc. are usually omitted. So, you drink from the skin by typing drink skin.

Q: "How do I see what I have?"

A: Type equipment (or eq) to see what you are wearing and wielding. Type inventory (or i) to see what you are carrying around with you. If you have too many things, you won't be able to pick up stuff, but you can put things in sacks, backpacks, pouches, etc.

You look in your sack by typing examine sack. You get a biscuit out of your sack by typing get biscuit sack. You put all your biscuits in your sack with put all.biscuit sack.

If you put things in a backpack, quiver, or similar item that you wear, you have to remove the backpack before you can get stuff out.

Q: "Suppose I have two sacks?"

A: You use the following syntax: examine 2.sack, get all 2.corpse, ride 2.horse.

Q: "How do I use a canoe?"

A: Just get the canoe and carry it around. If you have it in your inventory, it is the same as being in the canoe. Only one person can use a boat.

Q: "This shield/article of clothing/footwear doesn't fit. :-( " "This sword is dented." "This armour is worn out."

A: Take the item to the appropriate merchant and type mend <item>. The merchant will charge you for his work. To be on the safe side, wait there for 2 minutes until it is done. You may leave, but if you do not come back very soon, rent (even if you login right back), or die, he will sell your item. Notice also that some merchants cannot see shrouded or sneaking people and may decide that you are not there unless you show yourself.

If the only thing wrong with the item is that it is the wrong size for you, you can type resize <item> and get it back immediately, without waiting.

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