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Here are prices and some policies for Legend Homes:

Blue Mountains
  Races: dwarves
  Size: 1 to 3 rooms
  Cost: 1300g for the first room
        1500g for the second and third room
  Races: all Bree citizens
  Size: 1 to 2 rooms
  Cost: 2000g per room
  Races: men, half-elf, and dwarven citizens
  Size: 1 to 2 rooms
  Cost: 1500g per room
Grey Havens
  Races: elves, half-elves
  Size: 1 to 3 rooms
  Cost: 1300g for the first room
        1500g for the second and third room
  Races: elves, half-elves
  Size: 1 or 2 rooms
  Cost: 2000g for the first room
        3000g for the second room
Shire Towns
  Races: hobbits
  Size: 1 to 3 rooms underground
  Cost: 1500g per room
Lórien, Tharbad, Ingrove
  These areas are not open for Legend Homes.

#Item                                 Price           Extra Rent Cost
-----                                 -----           ---------------
The first room                    see above           20 silver / RL day
Rooms beyond the first one        see above	      10 silver / RL day
Fountain/Spring           	        500           5 silver / RL day
Stables(Bree, Fnost, Shire only)       1000           10 silver / RL day
Guards(max 2/room, 4 total) 	        200           5 silver / RL day
Replacement House key      	         50           none
Doorman or Valet as Keyholder           750           5 silver / RL day
Decorative Item (like desk) 	        200           none
Lock Upgrades  (10% - 100%)  	        200/per 10%   none
To add an Add-on, you need to have a room in which to put it. IE: When you buy a stable or fountain, you will not be given an extra room to place it.

Legend homes may not be near entrances to cities and they cannot have lockable doors leading out (but they can be lockable leading in, and latched doors are OK).

This has not been fixed retroactively for all legendhomes yet, but will be.

Rules for payment:
* You must be in a white-side-city to make your payments!
* Your payment must be at least 500 gold (or the full sum if your upgrade
  costs less than 500 gold) and
* you must make your payment in only a maximum of two payments (for example,
  to get a home in Rivendell (2000 gold per room) you had to pay 500 + 1500,
  800 + 1200, 1000 + 1000, or 1500 + 500 or similar).
* Note that you can attach further rooms to your first LH-room later, so if
  you want a two-roomer, you can build (and pay for) the rooms separatly.
Base rent rates for legend homes are identical to hometown rent rates, except that the first 2.5 gold per day in rent are "free".

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