Orcs, also known as Goblins, are foul creatures that were created by Morgoth in the First Age. Through his evil power, it is said he corrupted the beautiful Elves and transformed them into his servants of evil, the Orcs. They delight in seeing things suffer and bear malice especially to Elves and Dwarves. They are not intelligent and gain most of their destructive power in their large clans. The evil force of Mordor has drawn Orcs together to create a force along with His other servants which is maybe too strong for the Elves and Men to vanquish.

Orcs in MUME

MUME Orcs are very strong, but other than that suffer considerably. Orcs make powerful warriors, but have difficulties with other classes.

There are two playable tribes of Orcs in MUME; the Uruk-Tarkhnarb and the Uruk-Zaugurz. The Tarkhnarb Orcs are subjects of Sauron, allies of the Black Númenoreans and the powerful Trolls in the battle against the Free People. The Zaugurz Orcs were cast out of Goblin Gate (the primary dwelling of the Tarkhnarb), and are now at war with the Tarkhnarb and their allies.

Orcs in MUME are treated differently from the other races:

  • They may not become immortal.
  • They generally have worse stats than the other races.
  • Sunlight affects them badly (much lower bonuses, use movement points much faster, increased difficulty in spell casting).
  • They have the ability to see in the dark without a light source.

In addition to the playable orc tribes, there are many non-playable tribes in MUME:

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