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This is one of the 5 partial listings of the most commonly used abbreviations in MUME. See help abbreviation for the rest of the partial lists.

pb parrying bonus a stat
pbs pale blue stone an item
pc a player character a mob played by a human
pelf(s) an elf(elves) a race
per perception a stat
PK Player Killer/Killing a kind of player/play
pkill to kill another player a kind of action
Powerrangers hardened rangers mobs
PPI The Prancing Pony Inn a place
ppl people an expression
PS Player Stealer/Stealing a kind of player/play
psteal to steal from another player a kind of action
r are an expression
Rdell Rivendell a city
remp remove poison a spell
RK The return of the King one book of the LoTR
rl real life an expression
rofl rolls on the floor laughing an expression
rotfl rolls on the floor laughing an expression
roflmao rofl + my a** off an expression
roflmfao rofl + my f***ing a** off an expression
rog The Balrog a mob
rp role-playing an expression
RTF Road to Fornost a place
RtFM Read the F***ing Manual a suggestion to lazy people
RTGH Road to Grey Havens a place
RTT Road to Tharbad a place
ruby red ruby or ruby ring items
sable a sable pouch (or cloak) items
sapphire a sapphire ring/star sapphire items
sbh strange black helmet an item or a place
sd a stonedoor a place
Silm The Silmarillion a book of J.R.R. Tolkien
shining shining armour items
sk Spirit Knight a mob
slender a slender dagger an item
sod Shadow of Death an effect your character can have
sppi Sign of the Prancing Pony Inn a place
sqt Squaretooth a mob
ssc Small Stream Crossing a place
ssm steel-shafted(mattock/hammer) an item
str strength a stat
Tbad Tharbad a city
tbh to be honest an expression
thorn a sharp thorn an item
tmt Trail meets the Tributary a place
tnl (xp) 'til next level an expression
tnx thanks an expression
torc Tarkhnarb orc a race
tower tower shield an item
tp, tps travel point(s) a stat
TT the Two Towers one book of the LoTR

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