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  suggest name <gender> <race>

This command accesses MUME's name generator and suggests a name for the specified sex/race.


  > suggest name male hobbit

Accepted races/subraces

Beorning Númenórean Dunadan Dwarf
Eriadorian Half-elf Hobbit Noldor
Orc Rohir Troll Silvan

Some notes

  • Orc/troll male/female all use the same name pool.
  • Beorning and Eriadorian use the same name pool.
  • Oldelf and oldorc were works in progress which both have decent-sized name pools to draw from. Their eventual fate is undecided.
  • Half-elves use the Sindarin name pool.

Words of warning

The total amount of names that can be generated number in the millions. It is unavoidable that not all of them are good. Some will no doubt be awful.

It is also likely that some names that break rules names can be generated. That a name came from the name generator does not give it a free pass from rules names or help namechange.

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