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Syntax      : cast 'teleport' <location>
Type        : Long range
Accumulative: N/A
Duration    : No
Casting     : Very long
Position    : Standing, Fighting
Level       : Level 8
Class       : Magic User
Min. Mana   : 35
By using this spell, you can instantaneously transfer yourself to a remote location, within a given range, which will increase with the level of the caster. For distances above one half of the maximum possible range, the chances of arriving at your intended location diminish. The target location is specified while casting, by the use of a "key" which may be obtained by using the 'locate' or 'locate life' spells. These "keys" are not permanent, and are unique to each spellcaster. A very important point is that the maximum range for teleporting is rather shorter than that for either of the spells used to obtain "keys" .

It takes a brilliant mind to master this skill, and it helps to have an iron will.


  > cast 'teleport' whiqueboza

Note: To use teleport you need to aquire magical keys for rooms. The keys are obtained by either using the LOCATE LIFE spell or the LOCATE spell.


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