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The Testbot used to be available for characters created before MUME VII for one MUME year after first usage. All commands were sent by tell.

Historical note: Testbot was officially disabled on 22 Nov 2006.

After a long and glorious service, the Testbot retired; it might return to active service with MUME IX, who knows… The original documentation follows.

Anyone can use the following commands anywhere and at any time:

 reset       : full prac reset.

The following commands require not having NOQUIT:

 totalreroll : stat reroll (log in again after).
 restore     : remove all spell effects, wounds, etc.
Players of the good races, while in their home towns without NOQUIT, can get transferred to one of:
 Bree Dwarfhome Forlond Fornost Harlond Hobbiton Lorien Rivendell Tharbad

BN's, while in evil zones without NOQUIT, can get transferred to to:

 Cleric Thief Ranger Sorcerer

Characters created after MUME VII have to retire in order to change any stats.

For example:

   tell testbot Bree
   tell testbot totalreroll
   tell testbot Sorcerer
See also: REROLL

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