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Use change prompt to set how your prompt looks.

You can enable and disable whether to show these fields: points, light, terrain, movement, twiddlers, all (of the previous options), or none.

light     - Display one of the following symbols according to lighting
               *   - Sunlight, either direct or indirect
               !   - Artificial light
               )   - Moonlight, either direct or indirect
               o   - Darkness
movement  - Display R if you are riding, r if you are being ridden,
            W if you are trying to swim, S if you are trying to sneak,
            s if you are trying to sneak but cannot currently sneak,
            c if you are climbing safely, and C if you're climbing
terrain   - Display a symbol representing the terrain you are standing on
            (see HELP TERRAIN)
weather   - Display the current weather conditions if you are outdoors and
            the sky is not clear (see "help weather"); also display - or =
            in case of fog
points    - Show current hit points, mana and movement points (if not full).
twiddlers - Show the twiddling bar (|/-\|-...) when busy casting spells
            or similar.

  > change prompt points
  Your prompt will display health, mana and stamina.
  HP:Wounded Mana:Burning Move:Tired>   <---- this is the new prompt
Note: HP is not shown when you are healthy and not in combat, Mana is not shown when full, and Move is not shown if you are not tired.

To disable an option, re-type it.

It's very common to have all prompts active, to do this type change prompt all. Note that change prompt all will only turn on twiddlers if you are in spam mode when you type it.

The prompt for unmounted mortals (not in combat) is at its fullest shown as:

  *%~- CSW HP:Fine Mana:Burning Move:Tired>

Immortals should consult their own help file on prompt as well.

See also: CHANGE, SPAM

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