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This help file contains instructions what to do when acquiring a legend home.

1) Payment

You must have fully paid the LH payment before your request can be handled. See help legend home for information about who are allowed to pay and when. See help legend home price for information about the costs and other rules of payment.

2) LH request

Always post your request onto LH board. The board is available in major cities. V+ can see your post and can backup LH builder (currently Naga) if he is away from MUME. The post is also needed to keep Az informed that new room(s) are to be added to Arda. In addition to posting onto LH board, you may of course catch / mume mail to LH builder for any additional questions you may have.

3) Required information

  1. City name where LH will be built: See allowed cities for each race from help legend home location.
  2. The exact location (optional): Each city has a LH-area where new rooms will be build. E.g. in Bree this is currently the Combe-streets area, and in Rivendell this is the harp area; NW from rent room and N from scout's guild. You may express your preference about room's location. Note that all rooms with free exits are not available for LH's. If not defined, LH builder will select a suitable location.
  3. Door name: it must be of something solid. Hidden doors are not allowed. For more information see help legend home door.
  4. Room name: it must fit to surroundings and preferably it contains the owner's name.
  5. Room description: it must fit to surroundings and follow the good taste. You may either write it by yourself; around 5-6 lines with 79 characters on each line, according to standard mume building rules
    Or, if you struggle with your desc, just write what you want (not the exact desc) including a few details you wish to see, and LH builder will write the desc for you. E.g. 'I wan tthe lh to be cool warrior hall off wood with weapns and things on the walls and stuff shows how saseoned warrior i am and a big fire in the midlle i also like flowerpot with red flowers in there'.
    In both cases, your LH room desc is always proofread by LH builder and fine tuned to follow MUME standards if needed.
  6. Valet type (optional): See help legend home valet. If not provided it will be selected by LH builder.
  7. Room keywords (optional): You may add a few room keywords (examine painting) to your LH if you wish. In such case you need to provide the keyword name(s) and the content that is visible when someone examines it.

4) Add-ons

You may optionally acquire add-ons (like lock upgrades). These can be added when LH is built, or can be acquired separately afterwards. See help legend home price for costs.


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