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This is one of the 5 partial listings of the most commonly used abbreviations in MUME. See help abbreviation for the rest of the partial lists.

A an Arata a type of god
A+ an Arata or higher gods!
A/c the Arata of Code a god
A/j the Arata of Justice a god
A/m the Arata of Mobiles a god, Frór
A/o the Arata of Objects a god, also Frór
A/z the Arata of Zones a god, Timodeus
ABR Ancient Broken Road a place
adk ancient dwarven key an item
ads ancient dwarven shield an item
afaik as far as I know an expression
afk away from keyboard an expression
afw away from window an expression
aka also known as an expression
AoD Axe of Durin an item
arth shield of Arthedain an item
asap as soon as possible an expression
atm at the moment an expression
azure an azure scroll an item
banded a banded ring an item
b4 before an expression
bb the black buckler an item
bbl be back later an expression
BBT Bill, Bert, and Tom some mobs, the place where they stand
bc because an expression
BCS Bree Central Square a place which is not At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
bda blackened dwarven axe an item
bej a bejewelled shield an item
bhc black, hooded cloak an item
bhb, bhsb black horn short bow an item
black a black scroll an item
blue a blue scroll an item
BM Blue Mountains a place
bms a black metal staff an item
BN Black Númenórean a race of player
BOB Breath of Briskness a spell
bplate breastplate an item
brb be right back an expression
brd black runed dagger an item
brt be right there an expression
bs to backstab an action
bs broadsword an item
bs bullsh** an expression
bsb broad silver belt an item
btw by the way an expression
bw bloodwight a mob
bwb brandywine bridge a place
bwf black warg fur an item
CA central Anduin a place
cbf cavebear fur an item
CH CryHavoc an implementor
char a character an expression
chief Chief of Tharbad a mob
chunk chunk of metal an item
circlet mithril circlet an item
con constitution a stat
copper a copper ring an item
crit critical (hit or cure crit) a wound [or spell]
doa darkened orkish axe an item
db dodging bonus a stat
dbs dark broadsword an item
dc Dark Clump a place
dex dexterity a stat
dk The Dead Knight a mob
dmg damage an item stat
DT Death Trap a type of place
DT Dark Tower a place
Dunadan a Dúnadan blade (or man race) an item [or race of men]
ebs engraved broadsword an item
eket a double edged eket an item
engr engraved an expression
emb embellished longbow an item
embr embroidered an expression
eq equipment an expression
er www.elvenrunes.com a community-site
exp experience an expression

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