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These are ideas which have been considered by the MUME management (in this case principally the implementors) and ruled to never appear as long as they draw breath:



Levels and Skills

  • Experience for casting healing spells
  • A means of transferring exp to tp/wp or vice-versa
  • A spell for transferring hps to mana
  • Bashing someone removing or delaying their autoflee
  • WPs or scalps required to level


  • Being able to buy heals or healing spells from clerical-mobiles
  • Banks and places to store excess equipment
  • A perfect or even near-playable system for firing into adjacent rooms
  • Critical hits negated by armour
  • Level-dependant equipment


  • Splitting MUME in two (or more) games (+/-pk, +/-Tolkien, etc)
  • An auction channel
  • Safe areas where newbies can learn commands
  • Any game effect which relies on the noquit or novoid flags. They exist solely for linkdrop/rent.
  • Having anything on noidea removed (Unless the idea of removal was thought of by an Implementor)
  • Removal of the entire noidea list. (This is so much a noidea it needs 2 Implementors to agree on it, so not much chance of that)
  • Implementation of the superidea, or any similar forms, which by nature, would act to supercede the noidea category

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